A Place for Lovers (1968) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

A Place for Lovers (1968) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Before I began writing my review, I read through Moonspinner55’s and noticed that although they seemed to have this film pegged, they sure have a lot of ‘not helpfuls’. While this sort of thing is very common, it’s sad–as their review very nicely summed up this film.

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Faye Dunaway’s performance was reminiscent of a zombie–a well-coiffed, bejeweled and heavy false eyelashed zombie. And I really don’t so much blame her but the terrible script and the wrong direction by a very talented director…Vittoria De Sica. Perhaps this film is why after her huge success in “Bonnie and Clyde” her career just kind of fizzled.

Let’s talk about De Sica just a bit. He is one of my favorite directors–directing such masterpieces as “The Children Are Watching Us” (I’d put this in my Top 10 of best films ever), “Miracle in Milan” and “Umberto D”. However, the sort of films he directed brilliantly had some things in common–and are so completely unlike “A Place For Lovers” and other De Sica miscues (such as “Indiscretion of an American Wife”). His best works are of the Italian Neo-Realistic style–using non-actors in the roles and emphasizing the ‘everyman’ approach to the problems in the film. In other words, real people in real situations. However, when it came to the glossy love stories, this brilliant director was cold, impersonal and pretty dreadful at times. He just didn’t seem to know how to use these people in love stories. Yet, with famed Sophia Loren in a non-love story, he created the brilliant “Two Women”. Love stories with big-name casts he just seemed ill-suited–though as an actor he did fine in such films (and appeared in about 150 films).

Here in “A Place for Lovers”, the film is wooden–unemotional and disconnected. This is odd, as the film is about a dying woman–yet you really could care less for her. She is unlikable and stiff. A better script surely would have helped, but giving his actress the suggestion to smile would have helped even more! I loved the director, but here he is way out of his comfort zone.

As a result of a bad story, bad direction and lifeless characters (though Marcello Mastroiani isn’t too bad), the film is painfully dull and not worth your time—UNLESS. That is unless you are a nut like me who LIKES seeing bad films on occasion. In fact, this movie is number 47 on my quest to see all 50 of the films featured in Harry Medved’s brilliant “The Fifty Worst Movies of All Time”. While I don’t always agree with all of his choices, as a teenager he was able to compile the list and write an amazingly funny and clever book–long before anyone thought to come up with bad movie lists or suggest actually TRYING to see bad films. I am not sure I’d have included “A Place For Lovers”, though if you are trying to list a movie from either the worst romance or worst illness categories, it sure is a reasonable choice!

If you care about such an odd quest, I have just obtained the final three films from this list and anticipate soon reviewing “King Richard and the Crusaders”, “North West Mounted Police” and “Daughter of the Jungle”–then my bizarre and twisted hobby will be at an end. Then, it’s off on some other bizarre and twisted quest!! Happy viewing, folks.

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