Battle Drone (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Battle Drone (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Battle Drone, with a title like that you have to assume the worst right? Based on the cast and plot outline the film sounded like a rather run of the mill Scyfy Original type and I guess it is, but an oddly good one.

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It tells the story of an elite mercenary team tasked with a mission in Chernobyl. Once they arrive however they come under attack from an unstoppable unknown force that pushes their skills to the limit.

I’m not a big action movie fan and Scyfy originals though charming are usually seven shades of awful so Battle Drone never really stood a chance. So why have I rated it so high?

The reason, well because it’s suspiciously enjoyable. The cast are familiar faces who you’ll likely recognize but not put a name to, they demonstrate why you remember them in the first place and are a bunch of decent character actors. The SFX are well above par, this is not your usual Scyfy Adobe Aftereffects ugliness. The plot is very enjoyable, the cinematography is stylish and it’s just all put together nicely.

Sure this isn’t even a B-Movie, it’s C, it’s made for television stuff but it shows what people with competence can do despite the little resources they have at their disposal.

I really enjoyed Battle Drone and can confidently say I’m shocked at that fact. The very definition of take your brain out entertainment, this was a lot of fun.

The Good:


Memorable moments

Competently made

Good soundtrack

Interesting characters

The Bad:

Bit goofy a couple of times

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