Best Of Slowdog DJ Mix Download

Best Of Slowdog DJ Mix Download

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Description: New year, new project! Here comes the number one Indigenous and finest Disc jockey – DJ Pajeh (also known as YDP which the full meaning is Yunng Dj Pajeh) as he kicks off the fresh year of 2016 with this Indigenous igbo rapper – Slow Dog.

Well, there is no need for you to ask how good the mix is as he has done it before on Mr Raw, BosaLin and here he goes on to do it again on SlowDogg. It features slow dog new song 2018, slowdog songs free mp3 download, slowdog songs 2018 2019, slowdog new songs and video, slowdog hip hop rap, slow dogg new song, slowdog nkwo instrumental and lots more.

Just download it and feel the good vibes. Share this mix with all your close friends too and remember to write your comments about this mix in the interactive section immediately after this post. Cheers!

Category: Igbo Hiphop Mixtape Download
Release Date: Naija Rap Mixtape 2019 2020

Tracklist: No

SlowDog Songs List:

Slow Dog Oh Baby
Slow Dog Nkwo
Slow Dog Wawa
Slow Dog Nkwo Instrumental
Slowdog ft zoro away match video
Slowdog ft Splash
Slowdog ft tj no be small thing mp3 download
Slowdog higher
Slowdog away match
Slowdog testimony
Slowdog aka gi
Slowdog dubai 2 onitsha
Slowdog njo
Slow dog in the kitchen mp3
Download mp3 slow dog in the kitchen
Laluna by slowdog
Slow dog ft magnito
Slowdog bom bom

And many more…

Download Best Of Slowdog DJ Mix Download

Download DJ Pajey YDB – Slow Dog Eze Mgbu Mix

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