Beyond Erotica (1974) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Beyond Erotica (1974) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

This surprising and erotic 70s movie filled with sexual manipulation, perversion , humiliation , female nudity , and sleaze events ; being set in Latin America . It deals with a young proprietary of a sugarcane plantation , nearly-bankrupt , he is called Juan (David Hemmings) and has a trauma from childhood , as he is misbehaving on girls . Meanwhile his sick mummy named Louise (Alida Valli) covers him for his violent actions . Hacienda-owner Juan who bears a traumatic boyhood is infatuated and falls in love for the daughter of the Hacienda supervisor called Lola (Andrea Rau) and he attempts to seduce her , besieged emotionally and sexually to make her lover . Obsessed for her , Juan then decides to gradually torture her . Sociopath Juan locks her in a pit , starves her , only gives her worm food and subsequently forces to strip . However, when he wants to serve for him , things seem to get totally out of hand . He ‘tames’ her, but when she is ‘tamed’ , it gives rise to a complex situation .

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Rare tale plenty of nudism , haunting mood-pieces , sadomasochism , tortures , enticing images and attractive ending . This weird flick contains symbolism , drama , sadism , deprivation , copious naked scenes , a twisted love story and an almost diabolic spell . This psycho thriller revolves around several themes as physical possession , domination , humiliating games and sexuality . This slow-moving but passable picture is well set in Venezuela of the 60s or 70s , where takes place the complex relationship among some characters and including a surprising finale . Cast is frankly well . About 30-year old David Hemmings gives an acceptable acting as a quirky as well as sadistic young who mistreats girls due to his traumatic youth , Andrea Rau is wonderful as the young woman being tortured and who soon becomes the dominating person in the family . The film relies heavily on the relationship between them , though it doesn’t boring . Suport actors are pretty good , such as Alida Valli , Nuria Gimeno and the great Francisco Rabal as rapist uncle . Atmospheric cinematography by Alejandro Ulloa (Horror Express) . Being impressively filmed on location in Venezuela , though an alright remastering is necessary . Anti-climatic musical score by Adolfo Waitzman , including a little agreeable leitmotif .

The motion picture was professionally directed by prolific filmmaker Jose Maria Forque . José María Forqué was born in Zaragoza , being father of actress Verónica Forqué and director Álvaro Forqué . He was a director and writer, known for filming some classic Spanish films , such as Accidente 703 (1962), Amanecer en Puerta Oscura (1957) , Un Millon En La Basura and especially Atraco a Las Tres . And shot successful TV series : Miguel Servet and Ramon Y Cajal . He also filmed some international co-productions such as Tarot with Gloria Grahame , Mujer De Tierra Caliente with Stuart Whitman , Laura Gemser and El Ojo Del Huracan or In the eye of hurricane with Tony Kendall , Jean Sorel .

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