Boss Lady Zarie opens up about swallowing Grenade's big reptile

Boss Lady Zarie opens up about swallowing Grenade’s big reptile

Socialite Zari Hassan has finally broken silence after rumor made rounds that she swallowed singer, Basajja Mivule aka Nsolo Nkambwe Grenade Official’s deadly reptile.

It is alleged that the pair met in Dubai last month and spent a night together merry making.

However, visibly irritated Zari has distanced self from Grenade who is very known for chewing older women in return for dime.

Zari claims she has never been in Dubai for three months now and has only met the Nkuloga hit star only once.

“…I haven’t been to Dubai since September when I had a gals trip for my birthday.. As I write this am in South Africa running left and right for my business as we have final exams running and marketing preps for 2020 new enrollments. Now where is this Dubai story coming from. I literally snap everyday of my movement in South Africa (live snaps not camera roll) just asking my self how am in two countries at the same time. That said stop griding every Tom, dick and harry calling them kingbae.

Like I said I love you naye mufune wemukoma…”, she revealed before swearing that she will never meet Grenade again.

“Ps, I’ve only seen this boy once at miss uganda pageant. It was my 1st and last time”.

Grenade is currently single following untimely break up with cougar and AK47’s widow, Nalongo Maggie. This is a clear evident that his reptile is lately very thirsty.


Author: Godwin