Death Promise (1977) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Death Promise (1977) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

This “kung-fu”-movie from the seventies is a pretty interesting piece of work. It features all the classic themes of such a movie; revenge, corny acting, weird sound-effects and a complete in-comprehensive final scene – fighting on the roof tops.

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Basically it’s about Charlie Bone (or Charles Bonet, it’s never really clear – the actors name is also Charles Bone) who’s feisty father gets killed by hoodlums hired by a rich landlord who wishes to tear one of his skid-row houses down. So Charlie goes out on a rampage to revenge his father and stop the evil doers. Together with his friend Speedy Little (or Speedy Leacock, it’s never quite clear either…) they go around kicking a** and, one by one, expedite the bad guy’s henchmen.

This would be an OK film to watch. To seriously watch. As a kung-fu movie. But there’s so many errors and weird stuff going on here that it actually turns into a comedy. For example: dead guy shrieks when thrown off a building and so on.

The high vote is cast because it’s great comical value and also the movie’s high entertainment rate. A must see!!! You’ll laugh your a** off!

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