Do not enter your mobile money PIN Code if you see this on your phone

Do not enter your mobile money PIN Code if you see this on your phone

If you have registered for an account on a website before, you probably already know the use a PIN. Websites collect your personal information such as full names, email, username, password to identify you. These are called credentials. Now you identify yourself to the website by entering your username and password that only you(or hopefully only you) knows.

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Your cash out is remotely triggered by fraudsters instead of sending scam messages and calls or using erroneous transactions. How they do it, we can’t say for sure. When this happens, the “mobile cash approve” payment prompt will appear many times on your phone. This will enable you to enter the pin code for the transaction to proceed. You should however be careful and read everything you see on the screen of your phone and do not enter your pin code and consent to the payment.
The right thing to do is to cancel the prompt authorisation bill. Look out for several reminders on your computer to approve payment. You may decide to shut off your computer and turn it on later if they begin to appear. You will suddenly receive a call from the MTN office if you do not comply with the agreed payment. Don’t be happy because they’re the fraudsters in MTN’s disguise. The fraudsters are going to claim that they are calling from the office and tell you not to allow any payment on your device. They’ll also let you know that you’re about to be robbed by someone and that you should enter the pin code.

They’ll tell you then that they’ll contact you later on. They are not calling from any MTN office, as stated in the preceding paragraph, so do not relax your guard. They will ask you to update your pin code for you when they call you, so your mobile money banking will be safe. You may see this as positive news, but it is not because MTN does not modify their users’ mobile money pin code. Mobile money users themselves will change their own pin codes for mobile money.

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