El asesino está entre los trece (1973) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

El asesino está entre los trece (1973) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

This exciting film contains tension , thriller , drama , mystery , plot twists and shocks , including decent scares with tense killing sequences especially in its final part , in a creepy denouement . Slowly paced flick with a fairly suspenseful and horrifying story in which a killer series undergoes a killing spree by means of brutal executions . This thrilling picture concerns about some higher-class people are gathered by a widow , Lisa Mandel(Patty Shepard) , in an isolated mansion under mysterious circumstances and one by one they are murdered , each according to a peculiar relationship with Carlos Mandel , the formerly deceased husband by aviation crashing . The beautiful widow invites a number of guests to stay at her residence , these are the followings : Francis , widow’s cousin (Eusebio Poncela) , his mother (Trini Alonso) , the playboy Harry Stephen (Simón Andreu) , Martin (José María Prada) and lover , Srta. Hoven (Dyanik Zurakowska) , the suspicious painter , Harlan (Jack Taylor) , Guillermo (Eduardo Calvo) , his wife Laura (Carmen Maura) , among others . Furthermore , there appears servants , gardener (Blaki) maid (Marisol Delgado) and butlers (Ramiro Oliveros , Paul Naschy) . Later on , the widow reveals that she knows that one of the group killed her husband and she is attempting to search for hubby’s murderer . As he really didn’t die by plane crash , but he deceased by a sleeping pill that caused the deadly accident when he was crossing the Mancha Canal . Before dying , the husband to withdraw money from the bank : 10.000 pounds , this cash is , day-present, missing . Soon they are being too murdered one by one . As they are being killed by cutting car brake line , slitting , garrotting , hanging , and stabbed in the chest . Meanwhile , at the mansion occurs the regular loving conflicts , including sexual scenes , as sex with butler , as sex with a maid , triangles , jealousy , and betrayals . As the guests are astonishing about the inexplicable deaths are happening . The premise is the following : who’s the killer among the suspicious guests ?

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The plot is plain and simple , regarding a group of wealthy people are invited by a widow and shortly after , realizing that they are being murdered one by one . This Giallo contains suspense , thrills , chills , intrigue and plot twists . Aguirre designs a mediocre thriller , including some regularly staged murders plenty of startling visual content with blood and gore , though was submitted to limited censorship in Spain . This is a customary slasher in which mystery , tension , suspense appear threatening and lurking in every room , corridors and luxurious interior and exterior . The picture packs atmospheric blending of eerie thrills and creepy chills combined with a twisted finale . It displays lots of blood but it seems pretty mild compared to today’s gore feasts . The staged killings are the high points of the movie , they deliver the goods plenty of screams , shocks and tension . This “The Killer Is One of Thirteen” contains usual ingredients of the ¨Gialli¨ sub-genre : suspenseful intrigue , twisted killings , violence , sadism , physical abuse , and some female nudity . Based on a script by Alberto Insua , soon after Javier Aguirre adapted the screenplay . The main excitement lies in watching what new and amazing killing to be committed by a strange executioner , a black gloved killer . Sensationalist murder pieces , including by axe in the head , killed in shower , stabbing , asphyxiate , head bashed in , decapitation and grisly slashing . However , the film results to be slow-moving and extremely talking , for more of a hour , there happens nothing . The Giallo plot is mingled with the typical Agatha Christie mystery developed in her known novel ¨Ten Little Indians¨ that had several cinematic adaptations , such as 1965 rendition by George Pollock , 1975 recounting by Peter Collinson and 1989 retelling by Alan Birkinshaw . The cast is pretty good , plenty of known Spanish actors , such as : the gigoló Simón Andreu , Eusebio Poncela , Alberto Fernández , May Heatherly , Paloma Cela , Jack Taylor , Dyanik Zurakowska , Eduardo Calvo, Jacinto Molina , Ramiro Oliveros and several others .

The motion picture was regularly directed by Javier Aguirre and it has several flaws , gaps and failures . Javier Aguirre has filmed with all of the power and sensationalism at its command but in exploitation style . Father of director Arantxa Aguirre with first wife , actress Enriqueta Carballeira , being his second wife Esperanza Roy , both of whom usually play his films . Javier is a craftsman , expert on comedies such as : ¨El Astronauta¨, ¨Los Que Tocan El Piano¨ , ¨Locuras De Parchis¨ , ¨Los Chicos Con Las Chicas¨, ¨Soltero Y Padre En la Vida¨, ¨Soltera Y Madre En La Vida¨, ¨Rocky Carambola¨, ¨Martes Y Trece¨. Aguirre also made quite a few terror movies as ¨Gran Amor Conde Drácula¨, ¨Jorobado De La Morgue¨ , ¨Asesino Está En Sus Trece¨. In addition , he directed various ¨Avant Garde¨ films.

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