Evolution (2001) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Evolution (2001) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Campy. But in a 90s way. Not intentionally so, but the stink of the 90s all over it.

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We looked it up. After 9/11? Uncomfortably close.

Duchovny is not mulder, but he is. Plot doesn’t matter.

Creature movies are good. Scifi movies, where the scary thing is an oversimplification of one reasonably interesting scientific concept, are good. What if the monster kept evolving? Became a microcosm of evolutionary process. That movie needed to be made. It probably already had been.

Is it a comedy? Well, yes. It is comedic. But it’s like some characters are in a different movie than others. Like a slapstick and a procedural, side by side.

Uneasy balance. The mood shifts.

Essentially a demo reel for what range of bio monsters you could make with CGI in the early aughts. Looks like a video game, now.

This movie tries some weird things, at least.

It’s pretty dumb, though.

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