Fishing Naked (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Fishing Naked (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Our little film has been out for a little over 2 weeks and our anti piracy firm has already reported taking down over 3,000 illegal sites. We were afraid this might happen to a film with NAKED in the title. FISHING tends not to provoke the same interest in the same ways. More unfortunately the little thieves also ratings bombed us… If you look at the 1 star reviews we have gotten, many of them are from oversees before the movie was available overseas and there appears to have been a bit of a pile on. IMDb doesn’t appear to care our film was stolen then trashed so I recommend you take a look at the sites people actually purchase the film from if you want more accurate reviews. Sure, there are a few low reviews that are legit and all I can say is I don’t like a lot of the films I see either. The difference is, I don’t lurk in my Mom’s basement exacting imagined retribution for my jealousies and frustrations on films that are not my taste. I enjoy movies, am happy to pay $4 for 2 hours of entertainment, and hope you do to.

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Claiming reviews are fake because a film doesn’t speak to you in the way it did someone else is just stupid. You bet, I made this movie and LOVE it and as such I give it 10 stars. And why the hell not?! I would hope anyone willing to take risks and follow their passions is proud of their creation. Is it perfect? Of course not. Is it for everyone? Definitely not. Is it a 1 star? Please, any independent film that can make it as far as we have with all of the hurdles and hoops we have to jump through as an Indie is worthy of at least a few stars. Frankly, I’m thrilled enough people are proud of this movie we got several tens. And here’s a little secret, I don’t know who many of them came from. My Mom is not online. So, yes, absolutely, we encourage our friends, families, associates and fans to review our films favorably. That certainly doesn’t make them “fake” reviews. And frankly, it’s just common sense. We aren’t buying any Super Bowl spots, guys. So, please, watch the film and give us as favorable a review as you can!

Fishing Naked is a solid little movie and people are correct, we had approximately 5% of the budget we would have liked to have had to produce it. But that’s great! It is a true Indie, folks. Not Searchlight, not Columbia, a true Indie. But don’t take that as an excuse, just a reality that when you have 21 days to shoot a feature film in the woods, it is not going to look like the Avengers. And you embrace that. Fishing Naked has a different look, a different pace, a different perspective and it quite definitely is not for everyone. Fishing Naked was written and produced from a small town perspective and was never meant to have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish nor appeal to someone who has never been in the woods. If you don’t get the film, it probably wasn’t meant for you. Hint: The tourists are supposed to look a bit schlocky, contrived and over act… That’s how you look to us when you visit our small communities on your holidays.

I love the reviews that say this isn’t a Hollywood film. The difference is I view that as a compliment. We didn’t want it to be. I was thrilled to see one review say it took them an hour to figure out what was going to happen… and they turned it off… Oh well, you missed some fantastic moments. Must not get through many movies though. How many Super Hero films do you even get past the trailer before knowing the ending?

I would like to close this with a thank you. Not to everyone who worked on the film but to everyone who has taken the time to watch it. I myself like about 50% of the movies I watch and know enough to stay away from the genres I don’t care for. I am really proud of Fishing Naked and thrilled it is being watched and liked by thousands of people. And for those of you who are pleasantly surprised, AWESOME! You have my gratitude.

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