General and I (Complete) | Chinese Drama

General and I (Complete) | Chinese Drama

General and I 2017 C Drama

Bai Pingting (Angela baby) was a maid in Yan princess’s residence. She was brought up unlike ordinary housemaid, but like the lady of the house. Bai Pingting made friends with the son of the princess, young master Hexia. As they grew up, using her intelligence and her great zither skills that’s being referred to as (the witch) she often helped Hexia, the young general, fight wars and won especially when he fought Jin’s army led by the god of war Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung) defeating 100,000 men with only 8,000 soldiers. Upon meeting Bai Pingting when she was hurt and unconscious, Chu Beijie found his old hair-pin worn by her, a token from his dead mother remembering his and her oath made during their childhood. From then on Chu Beijie always chased after Bai Pingting with marriage in mind which she definitely refused since they were enemies, and also her young master Hexia fell in love with her. Seeing Chu Beijie’s restless effort to be with her and his sincerity, even with Bai Pingting using her cunning ways to scare the guy she was feeling touched and loved at the same time. She swore to be with this god of war even though it means that she had to make enemy of her former young master. who married Bailan’s princess to gain power since he was outcast in his own country and her parents were killed. His vengeance started in a slow way, the hatred toward Chu Beijie and the ambition to have Bai Pingting consuming him giving no other thought for others. Still, Bai Pingting was a brilliant war strategist, her choices of tactics helping herself and Chu Beijie to get out from Hexia’s clutch. —Mavsynchroid

Release Date: January 2, 2017 (China)

Shooting Location: Xiangshan, China

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