Homesick (2021) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Homesick (2021) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

From the start of the film, the character has had to deal with isolation and loneliness in his [parent’s] fortress of solitude. Many people, I’m sure, will be able to relate to this, as of late, and empathise with the character’s thoughts and feelings of going stir-crazy. The fact this movie was made during the UK lockdowns is even more impressive than the process of making a movie usually is and big kudos should be given to the writer, actors (/ director), producer, and everybody else involved. The film was shot in a stunning location, the British countryside, which is perfect for the feeling of isolation, as I’m sure many Brits will let you know. Just when you feel you’ve had enough of lockdown, this film comes and brings something new to a tiresome situation. The lads on screen have very good chemistry on-screen and, as well as mainly having a serious tone, there are humourous bits to break away from the bleakness (insert soup to Beethoven’s 5th here). All in all, a class film that I recommend highly to anybody who enjoys a good thriller.

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