If Something Happens (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

If Something Happens (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The movie is clearly an attempt of an amateur to leap into the professional league…so, I will try not to be too harsh.
Pros: camera work is not bad, there wasn’t much to the settings but whatever was done it was alright, plot definitely had some potential.

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The acting by pretty much everyone was just awful… especially the main character…she had just one plain expression on her face the entire movie and there was zero modulation in her voice….which made it really hard to connect to the character at emotional level. To me this was the biggest problem of the movie. The whole movie is about how the main character goes through a transformation when faced with financial and personal crisis and yet there was never a moment of shock, happiness, guilt, regret, hope, fear anywhere on her face.
Except for maybe the boss Malek, everyone looked stiff and by no means natural…
Direction of the movie was equally bad, the movie took too much time to develop characters but added no depth to any of them, they were just coming and going as plot needed them to.
Overall Pace of the movie is just terribly slow, I guess that’s why they put an alarm going off scene every 20 minutes to make sure viewers stay up lol. What made it worse was the color tone of the movie had no liveliness to it. So, slow development of plot, wooden acting, and dull color tone. Perfect chemistry for nap.

Dubbing as everyone noticed is not good at all.

To end my review at a high note: I finished the movie and watched it untill the end. So, we can say movie did generated some curiosity in me and that is a big plus.

I wish all the best to the crew and hope their next attempt will be better.

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