Ip Man (2008) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Ip Man (2008) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I’ve never been a “Kung Fu movie fan”. I can appreciate and respect martial artists, especially of the various Kung Fu schools, but as far as their on-screen portrayal… not so much.

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It wasn’t until I started to develop an interest in Wing Chun, that all references pointed me to this film. Other than Ip Man, the real “character” in this movie is his fighting style, which is what the movie is all about.

To digress briefly: Wing Chun is an extreme close-range Kung Fu style that is used as a defensive means to counter an opponent’s attack. It was developed by a female Shaolin Monk, as a more streamlined version of their traditional Kung Fu. It’s a style intended to give the advantage to a smaller, weaker opponent in a fight, by being as efficient and direct as possible and as it’s history shows, works exceedingly well. It’s also a more meditative fighting form that takes pride in its spiritual roots and relies on senses, and tactics, over strength and height. People often liken it to playing a game of Chess, first, and fighting secondary.

I bring this all up because, Donnie Yen captures the essence of this style to near-perfection! Like the fighting style, Ip Man, the first open teacher of it, was the living embodiment. You can see in Yen’s acting, the calm, peaceful, mindfulness that separates this fighting style from others. This also makes the scenes where he unleashes hell on his opponents, even more brutal and visceral than most other action movies are when they try to portray the same types of combat.

The other bonus that I’m a sucker for, is the genre. I would reluctantly call this a “Kung Fu” movie, since I feel it is more of a period drama, than an action movie. The scenery, the story, the history and the drama are all things that get layered into this movie better than any others I’ve seen in this same genre, and even better than many mainstream, Hollywood movies.

Watching this movie, I felt the same kind of underlying, tension and anxiety building that I saw while sitting through more well known movies like “Unforgiven”, “The Patriot”, “The Professional” and even to some degree “Master and Commander”; any movie where you follow a hero you know can beat the snot out of someone and are just waiting for them to open up a can of whoop-ass at the right moment after they get pushed to their limit.

This is far from the traditional (cheesy), over-the-top, Kung Fu action flicks from the 70’s and 80’s. This one actually has charisma for the characters (especially the lead role by Yen) and a strong underlying story. It’s production value is also top-notch and you’d be hard-pressed to find any more flaws in it than you would with a Hollywood release.

And no… the subtitles do not detract from the movie in the least!

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