Joseon Myungtamjung: Nobui Ddal (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Joseon Myungtamjung: Nobui Ddal (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Detective K is a niche series that mixes classic Korea setting with modern humor. It’s hard not to make reference to Sherlock since it’s teeming with similar deduction display as well as borrowing parts of the plot from the other eccentric detective. While the story might seem a tad overused, especially for mystery fans, the comedy aspect is adequately fresh to lighten the mood.

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This time the case takes the exiled detective to counterfeit money and child abduction scheme. It’s built from a few subplots sewn together by betrayal and vengeance, although the movie is far from bleak. The acting and dialogues are geared towards bringing humor which is arguably the movie’s strongest point.

The jokes are delivered in good timing, often sudden yet incredibly effective. It has a way to put these instances, even though they may seem grim, and squeeze a few laughs here and there. Characters are not entirely menacing or confident, in fact the titular Detective K himself can be a bit of odd ball at times. Script brings his incompetence as merrily as possible for a chance at gag.

Its flaws are repetition and constant coincidences. There are so many events where the Detective and his pal are granted literal jail free card or he simply uses the same trick over and over again. It’s a bit jarring, especially since the movie tries to pull off its more dramatic moments. Furthermore, the pace tends to screech, rehearsing the same subplot it just told merely minutes before. In these times the corny and slow nature actually hampers the progression.

The investigation uses heavy theme, it feels as though the movie doesn’t have enough polish in presentation and ends up resorting to heavy handed delivery. However, at heart this is a more comedic showing than gritty noir and it’s still a presentably light hearted flick simply due to its spot on humor.

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