Le Pont du Nord (1981) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Le Pont du Nord (1981) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Rivette in minor, self-imitative mode (echoes of “Duelle” and “Celine et Julie vont en bateau”), exploring one of his usual obsessions – a suspected vast conspiracy, uncovered and struggled against by glamorous looking women. Carelessly plotted and filmed (the boom makes frequent appearances at the top of the frame, and one wishes that the clangorous “natural” soundtrack had been cleaned up, at least of traffic noise), the film’s best aspect is the Parisian setting – here, a city seemingly under assault by developers – many of the locations are in a state of decay, transition or destruction – this is not the Paris seen either by tourists or in most movies. As Marie LaFee (Bulle Ogier) has just been released from a year’s sentence, she finds it impossible to breathe when she enters an interior; hence, there is not a single indoor shot in the movie (apart from a brief elevated train trip, and a night spent in a parked car – and even these are open to the outdoors). After encountering Baptiste (Pascale Ogier) three times (according to Baptiste: once is accident, twice is chance, three times is fate), Marie pairs up with this strange young woman who fancies herself as Marie’s protector from the all-seeing “Maxes” (spies who are everywhere). Marie encounters her former lover Julien (Pierre Clementi) and the two women deduce (from a briefcase full of newspaper clippings, and a map of Paris divided into 64 segments) that he is involved in some sort of conspiracy; all three are followed by a threatening, but ineffectual, “Max” (Jean-Francois Stevenin). There are elements of fairy tales (the lions, the “dragon” in the playground) and sci-fi (the “eyes” which Baptiste feels compelled to slash, the spider web), but, despite the pervasive humorlessness, it’s hard to take this movie seriously. The whole thing seems like a silly trifle, concocted primarily for the amusement of the participant’s – especially at the end, when Rivette seems to abandon the film completely and simply keeps the camera rolling on a martial arts lesson between two of the actors.

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Still, worth seeing for Paris and the always wonderful Bulle Ogier. Rivette is never uninteresting, even when he’s not entirely successful.

Seen March 27, 2007 at Florence Gould Hall at the French Institute, NYC.

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