[Movie] Office Watch Season 2 Episode 1 – 8 (Korean Drama) (Complete) | Mp4 Download

[Movie] Office Watch Season 2 Episode 1 – 8 (Korean Drama) (Complete) | Mp4 Download

FDrama Office Watch 2 - 오피스워치 시즌2

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Ji Hyun was proud to be the only employee who was good at playing office politics until her rival Hye In joins the company to work on a short-term project. Hye In outclasses Ji Hyun in every way, including physical beauty and track record. It’s a matter of course that she steals the spotlight from Ji Hyun, especially the attention from Senior Direction Byun.

Assistant Manager Park Seong Eun is glad to have Hye In in her team because there’s finally someone who can drive Ji Hyun nuts. However, it looks like Hye In has feelings for her boyfriend Jin Ho?! As a result, Ji Hyun and Seong Eun form a new alliance to drive out the fox that has invaded their team.

Meanwhile, another couple, Sa Ra and Kyung Jun, face their own crisis. It’s because of the delivery man who frequently drops by the office. Kyung Jun, who is quick-witted, keeps a close eye on Sa Ra and the delivery man who seems to have a strange chemistry going on. The advent of new characters (Project Manager Hye In & delivery man) unfolds an even more nerve-racking office tale.

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