My Baby Is Missing (2007) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

My Baby Is Missing (2007) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I hardly know where to start with what bothers me about this TV movie.

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Perhaps the fact that woman who has just lost her baby under extreme circumstances go to work the next day, looking like a million dollars. Walks about with perfect hair and make-up, not in mourning in any way.

Maybe it is the fact that NO-ONE believes her story although 1) she can prove she had a fake nurse coming to see her at the time of the birth 2) she had drugs in her system 3) she can identify the nurse and does so in front of a police officer.

Maybe it is the fact that everyone is so dumb and everything is spelled out and over explained as in “I had a strange woman visit me right before I passed out and gave birth – there must be a connection – what if she had something to do with this?” or “She gave me some vitamins and now they’re gone – what if she used those to drug me?” NO S*** SHERLOCK!

Maybe it is the brain dead dialogue: “I am sure we will get through this” – “Oh, did you take a course on how to say all the right things?” – and it was NOT ironic! I could go on. Anyways – if you want to waste 1½ hours on crappy, naive and kliché dialogue, and unbelievable story line, Hollywood styling, and bad acting, you are in for treat.

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