Nazarin (1959) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Nazarin (1959) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I love the absurdity and biting humor of Buñuel’s surrealist films (such as “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” and “The Exterminating Angel”, to name two). Other, earlier works (like “The Forgotten Ones”, about juvenile delinquents from a marginal neighborhood in Mexico) are more serious and provide a strong social message.

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However, I believe it is “Nazarin” which most successfully shoots for the heart of the viewer. While it’s true that it’s brimming with irony, it nevertheless reveals an aspect of Buñuel which would appear to be intrigued by the beauty and solemnity of the spiritual quest. Here, while the director (quite typically) throws countless jabs at the Catholic Church, he also appears to show, surprisingly, a sense of admiration for genuine Christian thought and its practice of selfless love.

“What?? Luis Buñuel unabashedly praising a Jesus-like figure??” I always thought of him as a completely cynical artist without a trace of faith in human virtue… that is, until I watched “Nazarin”. My appreciation is that he satirically exposes the difficulty of following Christ’s example in a society infested with meanness, ignorance and sin; but he also presents the hero, Father Nazario, as quite the beacon of light amidst a sea of darkness. Without a doubt, by the end of the film I was looking up to him and not down on him!

Some would argue that Father Nazario’s doubts regarding his faith point to the loss of his saintly values. (Alas, if he can’t do good in this world, who can?) But I would say that this “flaw”, his frustration, precisely makes his character all the more heroic, because it shows how human he is and how challenging his struggle within must be. And who says the priest couldn’t eventually emerge from that “dark night” and regain his confidence? Perhaps we’ve only been presented with a difficult part of his spiritual journey. The elegant, open ending allows us to imagine ourselves what the final outcome of the story might be like.

I recognize in Buñuel the aggressive, self-professed atheist endowed with brilliant wit and social awareness; but after having watched “Nazarin”, I also sense from him a certain warmth, a depth and maturity that’s not so evident in his other work.

For the sake of contrast, I strongly recommend watching afterward his short film “Simon of the Desert” (also made in Mexico, several years later). It deals with a similar subject matter – the surrender of the ego in the face of temptation –, only it does so in a hysterically funny and totally irreverent style.

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