OtherLife (2017) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

OtherLife (2017) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

*A no spoiler review so this will be pointless for anyone looking for confirmation/discussion after watching.*

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Overall: Highly recommended.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, having no idea what it was about when I clicked on the icon in Netflix, so was slightly disappointed to find it given such a mediocre score on IMDb.

I will not give away the plot, suffice it to say that you’ll have stay on your toes to follow the hints and clues. On a second watch, they are quite cleverly there!

The acting is first rate! The lead role’s character and background are sufficiently fleshed out and approachable, and the majority of the science is quite convincing.

Moreover, like much of the best speculative fiction, the premise raises some philosophical and moral questions: In this case, regarding the application of cutting edge technology.

While not entirely original in plot (but then, what film truly is in the 21st century?) the adaptation and implementation makes for a worthy and memorable ride with some visceral and quite disturbing moments, not to mention a spot of exercise for the old noggin.

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