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There are many movies that can tip the tables in the favor one company over another. This is definitely not one of those movies.

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Where to begin, how about the fact that the protagonist is a terrorist but is apparently portrayed as the good guy. The movie is very anti-rich and assumes that the majority must resort to violence in order to have a say in what happens. Everyone believes the rich can only get rich because they have broken the rules to do it. However someone can get rich because they make something like the safety pin.

The production value is terrible, the reused the news set for the FBI HQ. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the set was terrible to begin with. They didn’t even change a single thing about it. And the news itself doesn’t come close to something that can convince you it is an actual news network.

In addition the guns don’t sound like guns when they fire and when there is an explosion you don’t see any damage on someone who was caught in it. The same holds true for bullets Many thing aren’t addressed, such as how the protagonist was able to get things such as land mines and rpgs.

The acting IS something to write home about though, but not in a good way. It is slow and dull and I don’t know if this was their idea or not, but it seems like they tried to spice it up with excessive swearing. Seriously, how many F-bombs do you need? Anyway, the film ends with riots in the streets as people are killing anyone who is doing better than them (they say the rich, but no one looked like an aristocratic). Furthermore, they blame it all on “Right Wing Anarchists.” It also uses the stereotype of a white bald guy with a gun as one of these terrorists.

I would continue more and try and take apart this film piece by piece but 1,000 words isn’t enough to tell you how bad this movie is. Plus I don’t want to dwell on this movie any longer as it literally gave me a head ache.

If I had a physical copy of this movie I would put it in the burn barrel, light it on fire, pour gasoline on it, light the flames on fire, take it’s ashes and then burn those. I would then take the ashes’ ashes, put them in a jar, send them to the director and writer and burn those.

So to sum up: I don’t like this movie.


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