Rendez-Vous (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Rendez-Vous (2015) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

‘Rendez-vous’ (= French for ‘meeting’) is based on a novel of Esther Verhoef, one of Holland’s top selling thriller-writers in books.

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And happily Verhoef’s very capable story-telling shows in the film. Telling us a pretty Dutch plot: not very refined or sophisticated, but surely tensely and loaded with human drama. And ending in a very surprising & unexpected way.

Verhoef also connects with a well-known Dutch practice: a Dutch couple that rebuilds an old & badly looking French farmhouse in a guest house. In the Dutch mind an idea like this has a somewhat romantic aura, inspiring quite a number of Holland’s citizens to emigrate to France ….. however, as both Holland and France are in the European Union, emigration is hardly a suitable word to express their moving over.

Anyway, ‘Rendez-vous’ shows a tension that keeps you watching from beginning to end — provided you are prepared to accept its typical, somewhat edgy & blunt Dutch story. All the way accompanied by a picturing that is good without being brilliant.

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