Resurrection: Liquid Silk to return to Kampala nightlife after collapsing

Resurrection: Liquid Silk to return to Kampala nightlife after collapsing    

Ugandans complain every other day about how broke they are but one thing that makes you question their complaints is how much they spend in bars and night clubs, which is quite a lot. Businessmen and women know that Ugandans love the nightlife and they have decided to invest heavily in night spots.

Every other day a new bar opens up
somewhere around the country to tap into the buzzing Ugandan night life, although
some fail to make it last for years.

franchise that has tasted the good and bad times of bar business is Liquid
Silk. They have had several of their branches see a meteoric rise in their early
days after opening, and as we all know that meteors eventually fall, Liquid
Silk has had two branches collapse heavily.

The collapses are largely attributed to
accumulated heavy debts due to the failure of the club/bar to break-even, so
this leads to them owing rent arrears and having their employees go home
without bread for several months.

In fact as they closed, some employees are
said to have taken off with a few items that belonged to the business. Most of
their stuff remain under key and lock at their former premises at Mogas petrol
station in Naalya!

Nevertheless, plans to have the once famous
hangout spot re-open are in high gear, and this time around it is going to be
located in Bugolobi near Silk Events offices, their parent company.

One can only wonder how they are going to
do it different this time.

Author: Norman Mwambazi


Posted on November 14, 2019.

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