Second Life (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Second Life (2018) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I might as well admit that im hooked on south korean filmmaking, but this is the first real everydaydrama ive seen. its the story about a shy young girl that hvae trouble finding friend. starting to buy things and stuff to get attention from the cooler girls, making up stories about money and wealth, when things go tyerribly wrong. as much as she wants to be loved, her ”friends” talks behind her back such as shes a freak, and a liar. to revenge this the girl puts an expensive ring in one of the friends backpack, and when the teacher does shake down all the students things, this poor ”thief” has a secret in her penal that by all means should not be seen by anyone.. it all ends in tragedy and the shy girl runs away trying to end her life by drowning, but gives in, and gets picked up by a woman working at an orphanage somewhere rural s-k.the director does let this girl stay at the home cause the girl claims she has no family. but as everyone knows , you cant hide from the world forever, either you live in seoul, los angeles or haugesund, there will always be somebody who rekcons you.

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the production are just beautifully filmed and told, the plot aint large so its shorter than a feature film. the score are as usual of high standard, that i wish every film school or academy should point at to their students

the acting are very believable, and the standard teenagegirl at school are just the same in every industrialized country,where there are lots of giggling, flushing, and deadserious bullying, backstabbing with whispering voices and outfreezing that is a bulk to overcome for anyone shy or distant . the group dynamics does scare, and the conequence of a white lie that becomes almost unbearable are so well expressed and frightening that i asked myself,what would i do…?

i am still a grumpy old man, stunned by the beauty of good filmaking and now know that EXO is a boy band and that this is a very recommendable s.k. drama in my mind

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