Singing Guns (1950) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Singing Guns (1950) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Balance see-saws, with first one side, then the other seeming to be on top, and just who is the real bad guy, and who is the good, seems to change as the story progresses.

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Vaughn Monroe made a good cowboy, and also made the last of the B Westerns.

He had been known primarily as a singer, and does some singing in “Singing Guns,” in fact he does more singing than do those guns.

Ella Raines is again a fiery-tempered Western gal, looking so fetching in either her saloon-girl low-cut dress or her horse-riding-girl pants and hat.

Ward Bond is again great as the sheriff, though we don’t know just which path he is taking.

However, it is the character played by Walter Brennan, one of the finest actors ever to grace the silver screen, who pretty well directs the path of all the other characters, and who is the only clear-cut good guy, as far as the audience will be able to tell.

It’s from Republic (I like the sound of that word) Pictures, so of course the production values are high.

Director R.G. Springsteen does not seem to be so well known as other, and in my opinion lesser, directors, but I have yet to see a picture by him that isn’t well done.

“Singing Guns” is an interesting picture because it is the first cowboy movie by Vaughn Monroe and is an entry among the last of the B Westerns; but it is a good cowboy movie in and of itself, with a great cast of top actors, beautiful scenery — including Ella Raines (and why would any reviewer spell her name “Raynes”?) — and some intriguing characters.

I recommend “Singing Guns,” and you can see it where I did, at YouTube.

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