Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I have always been a big fan Stephen Chow’s earlier works(mid 80’s to late 90’s) as his slapstick comedies never failed to make me laugh, and I am the type of person who usually don’t laugh too easily when watching comedies.

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The main setting where the film was being shot is in Hawaii, I think. The story revolves around a rich playboy who gets blown into pieces by a group of mafia when he got into trouble messing with the lady of the boss. That is the point when the plot gets ridiculously funny. Most of the jokes do not make much sense, and that is where this movie takes off.

The partially dead playboy was resurrected by a white-haired Einstein like professor for $6000 since the dad couldn’t pay for the expenses of the real operation, sixty million dollars. That is where the title of this movie was taken from. Well, you guessed it right. From sixty million dollars to six thousand dollars. A whopping reduction in operation costs that resulted in a less-than-perfect resurrected form.

The playboy can now turn into various forms as he wishes and consumes batteries as his main diet. The funniest aspect of this movie is IMO the imperfect state of his penis which has been substituted with a shower hose. The first time when he wanted to take a pee and found out about his penis, when he took the hose in his hand and said “What is this ah” before he fainted, I nearly choke on my popcorn. Damn that is hilarious.

Later on, he got a post as a school teacher in an institution that was full of problematic students. Things just get crazier from there.

To summarize, Stephen Chow is the Asian Jim Carrey with the jokes taken to more ridiculous levels.

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