Synchronic (2019) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Synchronic (2019) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

This was a lame attempt at a trippy dark thriller that had little direction or substance until late in the movie. Plot centers around two paramedics who keep finding overdose victims taking the same DMT-derivative pill, leading one of them to eventually “test” them on himself, which magically transport him into different pasts based on which square inch of his room he is standing on. Yes- this is a movie about pills that physically transport people into the past. Gimmicky? Sure. But in theory this could have been made into a heady, smart sci-fi movie if the script/world building were good enough.

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Too bad the script was awful; the first half of the plot is a poorly directed melodrama stuffed full of boring and cliche dialogue. The scenes feel empty, it’s hard to care about or pay attention for any of it. The main paramedic weaves in and out of poorly acted paramedic rescues in which the directors don’t even try have him do proper protocol (they make a bunch of dumb, obvious errors in judgement no real EMT would do) to his poorly directed personal life in which he has boring conversations with depressed drug addicts, drinks beer to pass the time, and fights with his best friend and wife who weirdly appear in and out of the movie like afterthoughts.

It attempts establish dramatic and deep scenes but they come across like cardboard.

There’s even randomly inserted dumb 2020-woke dialogue that had nothing to do with the scenes or what these characters would say to each other in real life (“Dude you can’t drive the ambulance down that district, a black guy driving around there? Would be more dangerous than half our calls!”)

The second half of the plot is the paramedic “testing” the drug by doing it a bunch of times and getting thrown in catoonish-time periods where rednecks and ghosts and wild animals instantly attack him. Then the only decent part happens- he goes on a somewhat ingesting journey to find and and rescue a friend who got stuck in a past timeline.

In general if I had to praise it for something, the directors seemed to have some cool moments fleshed out in their head (the space sequences, the great editing transitions) but these were not enough to make up for a empty story and repetitive formulaic bleak characters with dialogue that sounds like it’s fresh off the Amazon TV content factory for another random genre show.

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