Tears and pain as top Nigerian coach dies after brief illness in Lagos

Tears and pain as top Nigerian coach dies after brief illness in Lagos

The Nigerian Athletics Federation and even sports families in general have been thrown into mourning following the death of coach Uruemu Adu.

According to the official statement by the body, coach Uruemu Adu died on Sunday, May 10, after complaining of headache at his house in Lagos.

His untimely death came as a shock to all sporting fraternities in Nigeria considering the number of athletes the coach has discovered before his demise.

Olamide George who is the President of Athletics Federation of Nigeria stated in a statement that members of the body are all in devastating mood because of Adu’s death.

“This is a very sad moment for track and field in Nigeria.

We are still struggling to get over the passing of coaches Tobias Igwe and John Obeya.

”Now death has dealt us in the athletics family another blow. Coach Uruemu was more than a coach to his athletes.

He was a father and a mentor and very helpful to all athletes.

”He was an optimist and championed the cause of development of athletics in Nigeria. Until his death, he was the Secretary General of Nigerian Athletics Masters,” he explained.

George also explained that Adu has produced some Nigerian talents who are now in America where they are furthering their education and career.

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