The Circus (1928) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Circus (1928) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Okay. First, in all honesty I must point out that I usually prefer the movies of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, but I have watched quite a few Chaplin films recently. While this film isn’t quite as good as a few of his later films (such as City Lights), this is still a good film and very lovely to watch–with a real artistic touch by writer/director/director/musical score creator and actor Chaplin is truly outstanding!! He at least deserves a lot of praise for being so versatile.

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So, despite its beauty why do I only give it a 7? Well, aside from some very funny slapstick moments, there is, once again, a lot of “schmaltzy” moments and the film is jam-packed with pathos. In other words, the movie tries VERY VERY VERY hard to be poignant and touching–and I am the type of person that prefers a little more humor and a little less of the sappy hero. I know this ISN’T the opinion of everyone–so if you LIKE when he tugs at your heartstrings and helps a damsel in distress (yet again), then you’ll be thrilled. I just thought I’d seen this theme one time too many.

BY THE WAY–Chaplin was well-known for being very obsessive-compulsive about his films–doing scenes again and again to get it “just right”. Well, he made a big blunder here and I was surprised it wasn’t caught. While doing the very funny high-wire act, his right pant leg came off while he was holding on to the pole for balance and monkeys were climbing all on and around him. Then, when the shot cut back, the pants leg was back ON!! Oops. This doesn’t spoil the movie at all–it’s just a funny little mistake. Or, maybe, one of the cute monkeys crawling all over him during this scene put his pants leg back on him!

PPS–only a few weeks after I first wrote this review, I have seen about 8 more Chaplin movies. After each one, my appreciation for his talents increased. In hindsight, I think a score of 8 is more in order. While it’s true I’m not much for pathos, I must acknowledge his amazing talents.

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