The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

José (Antonio De La Torre) falls in love for Ana (Ruth Diaz) , Juanjo’s (Raul Jimenez) sister-in-law , who works as a waiter in the bar of his brother . But the tranquility finishes when Curro (Luis Calleja) , Juanjo’s brother, is freed from prison after various years in jail by a robbery to a luxurious jewelry where the salesman ended in a permanent coma and the saleslady was killed by one of the thieves . A merciless avenger José quietly plans to find and exact revenge against the thieves and his emotional loneliness and isolation to be led to tragic consequences . After a strong discussion between Curro and Ana , José moves Ana and her little son to his cottage to keep them away from Curro . As the avenger José has only one thirst : blind fury and bloody revenge . As the extremely violent José seeks vendetta in order to discover the identity of the rest of a criminal bunch (Manolo Solo , Font García) , as taking the law into his own hands against them . While the anger grows within him José executes a relentless revenge , acting as judge , jury and executioner against those responsible of the deaths his beloved beings . At the beginning he kidnaps Curro . As Curro and José start traveling by some towns looking for the Curro’s colleagues in crime . As Curro makes common cause with José , knowing that if anyone stops it , he probably ends being another victim more of the violent homicidal instincts of José . At the end takes place an astounding tragedy and surprising final .

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This is an exciting , though downbeat , revenge/thriller in which there is action , violence , a triangular love story , interesting characters and surprising twists . The violence could be deemed excessive , especially when it occurs some grisly killings . The plot is plain and simple , a strange man seeks avenge , at whatever cost , against the nasty robbers who ransacked and killed his loving beings . Very good acting by Antonio De La Torre as a silent and circumspect man who loses his sweetheart during a vicious robbery at a jewelry store , seeking revenge for the salesman and the saleslady dead at the robbing . Sensational Luis Calleja as a delinquent who is freed from the jail after eight years by a robbery . Support cast is pretty well , such as : Raúl Jiménez , Font García , Pilar Gómez and Alicia Rubio . Special mention for Manolo Solo , he steals the secondary show as a peculiar ex-delinquent as well as his previous role as judge Ruz in ¨B¨ . Nice and evocative production design , as we see some slums or “barrios” from Madrid outskirts and some fine locations . The director creates a sort of Spanish Neo-Realism by tackling the Spanish streets , being rightly portrayed the city of Madrid , in the so-called popular Barrios . His style is pretty much urban and realistic as well in the atmosphere as in the fresh dialog . Filmmaker Raúl Arévalo shows the environment of these ¨barrios” , toughness and cold existence along with some nice scenes . Evocative and dark cinematography by Arnau Valls Colomer , being filmed on Madrid locations . Thrilling and resounding musical score by Vanessa Garde and Lucio Godoy .

“The Fury of a Patient Man” or ¨Tarde Para La Ira¨ was compellingly written/directed by Raúl Arévalo at his film debut , realizing in a realistic as well as moving style . It got a a big hit in Venice Film Festival 2016 and it Won : Venice Horizons Award to Best Actress : Ruth Díaz and being Nominated Venice Horizons Award Best Film : Raúl Arévalo . Actor/writer/filmmaker Raúl Arévalo was born (1979) in Madrid , where is set ¨Tarde Para La Ira¨. Arevalo began working in cinema in the early 2000s as a secondary actor and filming some shorts and writing screenplays . He is a great actor , known for La Isla Mínima (2014) , También La Lluvia (2010) and for TV series as Con Culo Al Aire (2012) , El Tiempo Entre Costuras (2013) , Velvet (2015) , La Embajada (2016) . And fetish actor to Daniel Sánchez Arévalo , including prestigious films as Primos , Azuloscurocasinegro , Gordos and La Gran Famila Española .

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