The Giving Tree (2000) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Giving Tree (2000) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

if you’re like me and come to IMDb to check ratings for movies found in the $5 dollar bin 10 movie horror collections, then i can stop you right here. despite it’s inclusion in “10-Film Horror Pack V.3”, this is *not* a horror movie. it’s more like lifetime or abc family movie of the week. also note that it has at least 3 titles: “giving tree”, “brutal truth” and “shaded places”

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as for the film itself, regardless whether it’s mislabled as a horror, it’s a really bad film. i can’t recall anything i’ve seen in any genre that was less compelling than this. my two word review is “who cares!?”

there are too many characters with too many back stories to get into any level of development. you get a few lines here and few lines there that are supposed to make you care about these people

the premise is too contrived. **spolier** a bunch of high school friends are invited to one of the girl’s mountain house (years later) for a reunion. they all show up and then she hangs herself in the front yard. they put her body in the barn and then spend the next several days talking about her and each of their relationships with her. zzzzzzzzz. 90 minutes or whatever it was felt like about 5 hours.

it has an annoying hipster soundtrack cut in between and/or over every scene.

then there’s the peculiar subplot of them kidnapping the blind neighbor’s dog, only to have it accidentally die. blind neighbor is the principal from breakfast club.

at the end you finally see what you knew was coming all along… the story line that ties it all together. someone else on here said: watch the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes and that’s all you really need. i agree

all in all for me a complete waste of time. i didn’t like anything about this film

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