The Oklahoma Kid (1939) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Oklahoma Kid (1939) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

If you can’t picture James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart as gun totin’ Western outlaws, then give yourself a treat and try “The Oklahoma Kid”. Granted, neither actor appears as comfortable in their cowboy persona as they do as gangsters, but they manage to pull off a fairly credible and interesting story, with a rather talented cast around them.

The setting is the 1883 land rush that civilizes the six million acre Oklahoma Territory known as the Cherokee Strip, and future site of the city of Tulsa. Cagney’s entrance as the Oklahoma Kid is heralded by his hijacking of Whip McCord’s (Bogart) plunder of a stagecoach carrying money in payment for Indian land. The Kid is the “good” outlaw, who for the remainder of the film plays out his secret identity of Jim Kincaid, who’s businessman father (Hugh Sothern) and sheriff brother (Harvey Stephens) attempt to bring McCord and his gang to justice following their illegal land grab.

Adding an element of romance to the story is the presence of Jane Hardwick (Rosemary Lane), daughter of Judge Hardwick (Donald Crisp), who’s involved with sheriff Ned, but is immediately smitten with The Kid; Oklahoma endears himself to newcomers by asking them to “feel the air”.

When bully McCord frames John Kincaid for murder, he sends a phony letter to Judge Hardwick to get him out of town, so his own hand picked replacement can push through a guilty verdict. With time running out, The Kid is too late to stop the mob hanging of his father, and sets out to administer his own brand of justice on McCord’s henchmen – Indian Joe, Curley, Handley (Ward Bond), and Doolin. The finale finds the Oklahoma Kid and McCord in a rather well staged barroom brawl that ends with the “good” bad guy on the winning end.

OK, high drama it’s not; for a truly memorable film of classic status in a Western setting with either of these stars, you’ll have to turn to Bogart’s “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. But if it’s offbeat Cagney and Bogey you’re after, this is a good place to start. You’ll have a better time too if you go for the enjoyment factor and not for critical viewing, there’s enough fun stuff here to take the edge off a rainy afternoon.

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