The Tank (2017) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Tank (2017) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

This film doesn’t show anything new, the premise has been done many times (what isolation can do to people)….and the acting in some scenes felt forced and a bit sophomoric but I was interested enough to make it thru the whole movie without falling asleep or barfing.

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Id say it is way better then a score of 2-5 which is what I usually score independent, obviously terrible, awful movies, in which even high school aged children could produce something equally as entertaining. Id rate this one a good strong 6.5….but scored 7 to give this movie a chance for those people who can appreciate it for what it is.

There is some decent acting and some interesting moments. There are certainly many many more movies out there considerably more atrocious and a waste of time, than this one.

Id recommend it to those a bit older, who are not in need of constant action or other types of stimulation to be engaged in a movie. And who doesn’t mind not having very deep intellectual character studies. But a decently produced easy goes it very tame thriller.

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