The Wicked Die Slow (1968) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

The Wicked Die Slow (1968) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

(I’m not sure there are ‘spoilers’, but i checked the box to cover myself).

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I must first correct the reviewer ‘gpfalk’ on one thing; whilst there is gratuitous violence and a fair bit of topless nudity, there is in fact no bad language at all, which was probably the norm for most films of that era.

The barmaid scene is certainly disturbing and although the poor girl is not raped, she is subject to other abuse and tortures that involve ‘biting’ and the savage use of a broken bottle. Whilst ‘Django’ (1966) was banned for years because of it’s ‘severed ear’ scene, the barmaid scene was not cut from this Cannon/Rank Video release, nor the film banned as far as i know. Then again, TWDS was destined for obscurity, Django wasn’t.

There is a touch of ‘Hammer Horror’ style soft porn and vague element of ‘vampires’ about parts of this film, with the busty women in darkened woods and bloodied mouths. It does seem as though the director, William Hennigar, has dabbled in making porn flicks judging by some of the titles he was involved with. Whether or not he did, i don’t know.

Quite a few of the characters appear to be homeless. The father and daughter hang out and sleep on the ground in the woods. ‘Bobby Ryan’, the bounty hunting Preacher’s first victim does likewise.

The Preacher is quite an interesting character. He has the most lines which mostly involve forcing his victims to “repeat after me” and pray aloud. Following their execution this is followed by bible readings (with no audience but himself). Not an original idea nowadays; we later had Lee Van Cleef as a gun carrying Priest in ‘God’s Gun’ and of course Sam L. Jackson doing the ‘cold hearted’ religious quotes thing before blowing someone away in ‘Pulp Fiction’, but The Wicked Die Slow at least came before them.

It is an odd film and an unusual ‘western’. It tries to imitate the Spaghetti Westerns, with Gary Allen and Jeff Kanew standing in for Eastwood and Wallach as the poncho wearing Gringo (‘The Kid’)and the ‘Tuco’-like Mexican gunfighter (‘Armadillo’). But, good or bad, it creates it’s own style.

I enjoyed the joking around by the locals in the Saloon as they poke fun at The Kid and Armadillo.. “Will ya look at what just come in..” “Coupla rejects from Pancho Villa!” Morons, but i liked the humor in it.

I do have a favourite character.. and that’s the gang leader who is, i believe, the ‘Steve Rivard’ as credited. His maniacal laughter and sarcastic mutterings i enjoyed. He would have made a great ‘Joker’ in Batman IMO. But he appears not to turn up in anything else. Neither do most of the others. Jeff Kanew of course goes on to direct. I don’t think the Gary Allen in this film is the same ‘Gary Allen’ who is cast in many later films.

Not most peoples cuppa, this flick, but i found it interesting enough to put up clips of this rare film on YouTube if ya’ll wanna check it out.

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