Trust Issues And Why Relationships Fail

Judging Matters

In episode three of Judging Matters, counselor Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Justice Olusola Williams dealt with two cases.

I wonder why all these cases have to do with money and trust issues.

Case 1: Tochukwu Anyansi Vs Ikenna Ana

Tochukwu, a jeans distributor, had in August 2018 given on credit 150 pairs of jeans worth N440,000 (N2,800 per jean) to Ike, a jeans retailer whom he had known for about three years to sell.

Both had done successfully done business three times before It took Ike about one year to pay Tochukwu N340,000 with a promise to balance the remaining N100,000 between December 2019 and January 2020, but Ike failed.

Ike, who returned to Nigeria from China to do business in Nigeria in 2016 agreed he was owing Tochukwu N100,000 but claimed that things have been tight for him as the market is ‘dull’.

After much probing by Ebuka, Ike further explained to Justice Olusola that though he promised to pay back the money he owed between December 2019 and January 2020, he sent the money and some other cash he had to China for the supply of some goods but because of the coronavirus pandemic, the China market is not open.

This, he says, explains why he has been unable to pay back.

 Justice Olusola Williams in her ruling announced a N100,000 judgement for the claimant, Tochukwu Anyansi because Ikenna Ana had lied, and as a matter of fact, Ikenna had taken Tochukwu for granted, because he had the money but decided to play a smart one on Tochukwu by investing the money in his other venture before paying pack.

Case 2: Mary Bundu Vs Henry Apoede

 Mary, a stylist, and Henry are both tenants in the same compound with about 20 others. For over 2 years, from 2017, Henry had given Mary an inflated PHCN bill of  N3,500 every month.

Other tenants in the compound paid between N1,300 and N1,500 monthly. The tenants in the compound share one metering system, so when PHCN brings the monthly bill, it is apportioned to all tenants.

In December 2019, Mary had a festive season break from work, and on a certain day she had the chance to meet Mr. Uche, another tenant, and as they discussed, Mr. Uche told Mary he had been paying N1,500 monthly for electricity, and even showed her his receipts.

Mary thereafter confronted Henry on why she was paying that amount while others paid less but Henry had no specific reasons as to why.

 In the courtroom, Henry told Justice Olusola Williams that he apportions the bill based on how long people have stayed in the compound, and Mary was the newest tenant. While other tenants had stayed in the compound for eight to fourteen years, to Mary had lived there for only four years. Henry had stayed there for twenty years, which is why the landlord made him the caretaker. 

It was clear to the court that Henry had been unfair to Mary, having charged her N2,000 extra for 28 Months. In her ruling, Justice Olusola Williams insisted that henceforth Mary should begin to pay the same fees as the other tenants, and also announced judgement for the claimant, Mary in the sum of N56,000.

Trivial issues in the courtroom you may say, but I kid you not, If you have not been watching Judging Matters on Africa Magic Showcase, you are missing a lot of the excitement and education on how the justice system works. 

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