Uncle Hyacynth (1956) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Uncle Hyacynth (1956) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

With Easter coming up,I decided that instead of getting an egg,I would give a friend a number of obscure titles on DVD as an Easter present.Taking a look at a DVD’s seller’s page,I was surprised to find a title that came from the Neo-Realist genre, which instead of coming from Italy, (where the genre’s most well known films are from)was a Neo- Realist movie from Spain,which led to me exciting getting ready to take a look at the Neo-Realist genre for the first time.

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The plot:

After his matador career has become completely washed up,Jacinto decides to move away with his young nephew Pepote to a small town in the middle of nowhere.As time goes by,people begin to forget that Jacinto ever existed,with even the lowest promoter not bother to track down Jacinato for a minor-league bull fight.

Keeping every penny that they can,Pepote one day walks to a shop to pick up a quarter of a pint of milk for Jacinto.On his way to the shop,Pepote is shocked to discover that someone has left a letter addressed to Jacinto.Rushing back with the letter,Jacinto opens it,and is left speechless,when he discovers that the letter contains an offer for him to do a bull fight.Initially thinking that it must be a joke,Jacinto decides to ring the promoter,who tells him in no uncertain terms that it is not a joke,and that he will pay good money for the event.

Heading out to the big city to buy a matador suit thanks to Jacinto having sold his ages ago,Pepote and Jacinto are left speechless by the high prices being charged for the loaning matador suit.With there only being a few hours to go until the event,Jacinto and Pepote decide that they will have to do every odd-job available on the street,in order for Jacinto’s matador to make his grand return on time.

View on the film:

For the screenplay of the film,co-writer/( along with Andres Laszlo,Jose Santugini and Max Korner) director Ladislao Vajda smartly places Jacinto and Pepote’s matador dream right to the end of the films world,so that it shines as a distant dream on the horrors that they are facing in their reality.Giving Pepote and Jacinto terrific side stories by filling the big city’s streets with endless rows of shady characters,the writers brilliantly show the characters struggle to gather cash as something which brings them closer together,with Jacinto’s initial carelessness over Pepote slowly disappearing,as he finds himself having to put on a brave face for Pepote,after the title has delivered its surprisingly downbeat ending.

Limiting the use of Roman Vlad’s score to scenes that give the title a breezy atmosphere,director Ladislao Vajda fills the soundtrack with bustling sounds of pedestrians running across the street,which along with perfectly expressing the films non-studio based location,also puts the viewer into Jacinto and Pepote’s desperate shoes.Along with the excellent soundtrack,Vajda also displays a sharp eye for shadow,with Vajda expertly draping the movie in darkening shadows,to show the down- trodden world that Pepote and Jacinto find themselves locked in.

Reuniting with Vajda after working with him on 1955’s Miracle of Marcelino,Pablito Calvo gives a tremendously mature performance as Pepote,with Calvo showing Pepote’s childhood innocent smile to fade away,as he starts to relies that he must carry Jacinto to the finish line of their dreams.Joining in on the reunion,Antonio Vico gives a brilliant performance as Jacinto,thanks to Vico showing that despite the bull fighting dream in the distance,and Pepote giving all the support he can,that Jacinto is unable to pull the Matador outfit out of the doom,laden shadows.

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