Unprescribed (2020) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Unprescribed (2020) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

I am one of “those” people. Born in ’69 and the propaganda about marijuana is so embedded in my thinking even my own 20 year old son is having trouble guiding me to new light.

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Then I watched Unprescribed. I related it back to many of the comments my son shared. I listened to the documentary. I had the privilege of meeting the writer. And all combined am finally starting to change my mind, my concept.

The story, regardless of whether I ever try it or not, needs to be heard. A time to change the nation’s perspective is today, not tomorrow, and this is a great launching point. These are not hired or paid actors. They are real people, taking a real risk, with real consequences for sharing. That must say something, right?

Thank you to the writer. Thank you to the people willing to share. And thank you to the Beloit International Film Festival for showing this documentary. I hope the philosophy that this will take decades to change is wrong. Change should be today. But with anything new, be it the end of prohibition on alcohol to Facebook, warning labels, guidelines and a reasonable societal response is crucial. That is the keys to successful integration and not a failed attempt. In my humble opinion.

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