Voodoo Woman (1957) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Voodoo Woman (1957) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Random thoughts that popped into my head while watching “Voodoo Woman”:

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1) Poor Tom Conway. Either he thought this role was beneath him (but took it anyway to keep the wolf from the door) or he was completely out of his depth, because he gives a completely squirrelly and disconnected performance where he is obviously reading from cue cards most of the time. Plus…that HAT!!!

2) Poor Lance Fuller. The guy had a certain way about him, but alas his talent is strictly 3rd tier, and it doesn’t help that the character he plays is a greasy slimeball.

3) Poor Mike Connors. He pretty much carries the movie, but he should have carried it straight out the door and into the dumpster.

4) The lead female – someone should have gently taken her aside and told her the difference between “tough noir temptress” and “irritating, hateful harpy”. She actually looked pretty good in the role, but every time she opened her mouth, I wanted to punch her.

6) The final scene where the murderous harpy tries to retrieve the final remaining chunk of gold from the edge of the volcanic pit where it came to rest, only to lose her balance and fall in…is the single most badly staged and unbelievable choreography of a “fall” I can remember seeing. Apparently it never occurred to the poor lady to bend her knees.

7) This wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier AIP fodder like “Beast With A Million Eyes”, and I am sure someone had fun watching it as the bottom half of a Drive in double feature…but 40+ years down the road, it has not aged well. Good AIP/Corman stuff almost always had the germ of something interesting and creative driving them…but this poor cast- off just comes off trite, rote, and derivative.

8) At the end of the day, people who were trying to make a living in the movie business got paid. At least there’s that.

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