Wanted for Murder (1946) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Wanted for Murder (1946) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Eric Portman (Viktor) is the grandson of a notorious hangman. His grandfather’s sadistic, psychotic reputation as a killer plays heavily on Portman’s psyche. Actually, it does more than that – it influences his behaviour. However, he is unable to change who he is. A serial killer is at large murdering women and goading the police. Can Roland Culver (Inspector Conway) and his team prevent the killer from striking again and again….?

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This film contains some dodgy accents, in particular, a very posh bus driver as played by Derek Farr (Jack) and a young Scottish woman, Jenny Laird (Jeannie), who comes from absolutely nowhere in Scotland. There are humorous moments eg, Stanley Holloway’s portrayal of “Sgt Sullivan” and Gerard Kempinski as a waiter, alongside tense dramatic sections, eg, the murder of Jenny Laird (Jeannie) in the park. I found Barbara Everest as “Mrs Colebrooke” slightly weird b t it’s a minor point in an otherwise convincing tale of a killer who is born to kill. We are left in no doubt as to who the killer is from the beginning and this adds to the tension throughout the film. I thought that the killer’s fate was rather convenient – an easy way to end the film – but it’s still a good film.

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