Without Charity (2013) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

Without Charity (2013) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT

A perfect example of poor parenting that can lead to disastrous consequences- I got the impression that I’m supposed to feel sympathy for ‘poor Charity’, but lost in her nonsensical blather and that of her friends and family, is 3 victims who in absolutely no way did nothing to contribute to their deaths other than being at work.
All that needs to be considered is, if not for this honey pot having her filthy, manipulative fingers in the hellacious concoction of a crime, three men would still be alive.
Charity had a history of bad decisions; she had so many opportunities to do the right thing but rather, chose to stroll down the path that ultimately led to the decimation of innocent people.
She still does not accept any blame on her part, and chooses to point her scraggly fingers at anyone else- from the mean media, to law enforcement who supposedly all lied, to her attorney, but cannot seem to be an adult and accept that, without her, this DOES NOT HAPPEN. PERIOD.
Her friends should be ashamed of themselves for their naivety and willfully ignorant defense of Charity- you can almost forgive family for their views, as most wont see the blame for their child because that points out their own failures as a parent.
The lying cohort of hers, who actually lies to the camera with a straight face, despite us knowing the actual facts, trying to play Charity as a ‘poor victim’ is disgusting. For someone who supposedly doesn’t know her, suddenly he knows that she never would have allowed the brutal murders to take place.
I liked this documentary because it shows the absolute stupidity of people and how blind they can be to their despicable nature, and how someone who is guilty to work the system and be set free despite murder convictions.
Be warned, you’re going to be practically shoved into believing poor sweet Charity is just an innocent victim, but rest assured, she is nothing close to that.

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